Monday, June 26, 2017

Stone Mountain-Britt Memorial Airport

     If you ever wanted to see a forgotten airport, then you've found one. Despite being located in a suburban area of Atlanta, little people know of its existence. Located in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Stone Mountain-Britt Memorial Airport is an airfield consisting of one paved N-S runway, with a crosswind grass runway, and a paved ramp and taxiway.
     While the date of construction is unknown, aerial photos suggest that around 1957, the paved runway was constructed. However, it took until 1964 before it was featured on an aeronautical chart. The mid 60's brought a grass runway going along Bermuda Road and runway lights.
     Access to the field was from Bermuda Road, once part of US 78. A driveway to the field was constructed eventually, and today is a small clearing. The field was attended during the day, and many services, including refueling, were provided. The airport would be leased for another 20 years, as announced in 1967. At this point, the runway was 2,600 feet long, with high tension wires at one end.
     The airport would be sold in the mid-80's. Sometime around here, the grass runway stopped being used. However, the airport still appeared to be in good use through the early 90's. Sadly, things were about to come to a halt at the airfield.
     The airport would see its demise in 1996. It was converted into parking for events at the Atlanta Olympic Games, at the near (now abandoned) Lincoln Tennis Center. By 2002, all airport buildings had been removed. However, by 2006, a model RC airplane club had repaved part of the strip and used it for their activities. Today, the club still uses part of the strip, but most of the taxiway and runway have deteriorated beyond reuse.

- Sorry for the short article. It was tough to find information on the airstrip.
View down the parallel taxiway.
Zoomed-in view down the airport. You can barely make out
where the buildings and ramp were.

Looking down the former paved 17/35 runway.

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