Sunday, June 25, 2017

How to View a Certain Post / Navigating the Blog

      As I have said, I am new to blogging. What I struggle at currently is being able to make a page link to a list of pages on that subject. BUT, I think there is no need for that anymore. What I have done is provided labels, a search bar all the way at the bottom, and a blog archive.

And, no, that isn't all the posts. Simply click "OLDER POSTS" to reach posts from an earlier date.

Photo from Mall Hall of Fame


     As you may notice, there is a labels section to the right of the page. If you are looking for any certain keyword or tag, it will be listed there. If you live in North Carolina, you may want to click on the North Carolina label for example. Also in the labels will be 3 main labels. Those will be Other Retail, Abandoned Airports, and Shopping Centers. All airports would be under the "Abandoned Airport" designation and same with the others.


     Another feature to the right is the blog archive. While it would be tougher to find anything certain in that way, you can still scroll through and view various posts. A reminder is that earlier posts will be of lesser quality.


     All the way to the bottom is where you will find a search bar. From here you can type a keyword and find articles. For example, searching "Montgomery Ward" will lead you to articles with that keyword.


     And one quick reminder on where to look for contact information.
Phone quality 10/10.


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