Saturday, August 12, 2017

Night Exterior Photos of Gwinnett Place

     While I've said for a while that the post on GPM is coming soon, I've found a problem with that. I'm waiting for a response on so I can make posting a little easier. I'm just going to copy and paste, add photos, and edit or add some information. I find it silly to make two posts on two sites but both are very different. I was in the area mini-golfing, so I was able to take some shots of the outside. It's the proverbial appetizer.

Here's a three-story Mega Mart. This was the Korean chain's first US locale. They could have chosen so many better places, including the not-far-away Buford Hwy. 

Sears looks like 80's Sears. Even though it's a special Sears (one with a post on it), nothing is different.

This is Beauty Master, apparently the new Burlington for dead malls.

This says Foo Court. I will go take a break to enjoy myself some foo. 

Old Rich's, which became a Macy's.

If you look carefully, and turn up brightness, you will see a dead Parisian. This is the only vacant anchor, and I don't know how that ever happened. All Parisians look the same.

Sorry for the bad shots, but this was never planned. I quickly thought about it without any real thinking.

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