Friday, August 4, 2017

Ben Franklin : We Still Exist

     While the rise and downfall of the average five-and-dime is well documented and may be something covered later on this blog, there are still ones that exist and in large numbers. Ben Franklin is one of them, and comes in two forms. There are the traditional variety stores and craft stores. From what I can tell, there is no website for the company, so I don't know if there is a store near me. For now, I will just use pictures that I took of a store in Grand Marais, Minnesota that was closed for the night.

This was probably never updated since whenever the store opened. I like the old look, and I hope it's never changed.

Now this is what I think a 5&10 would look like. I was sadly born after that era, and how much I would have paid to go in this. This was the final night on the North Shore, and if I wasn't heading back the next morning, this would be a much longer post.

A sponsored sign welcoming those from colder climes and domestic visitors.
     I seriously wish there was more info on the chain. I presume it's a northern store, so I'm probably wishing for nothing. I'd like to see a store at prime shopping time, as being the only "big-town" store in town would presumably get you business. From what else I can tell, Ben Franklin has plenty of different designs for different places, including some with small food markets. If that's the case here, this store is probably doing swell with the nearest shopping-spreeable city being the 3-and-a-half hours south in Duluth.

Peering in. It's organized like a Dollar Tree but with different goods.

Half the things seen in these photos would look well in a 50's-themed festival.

Sign is looking a lil' tired. This could be in a museum.

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